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Family Supports (RFCS)

Family Supports (RFCS) is a family service offered by Rural Frontenac Community Services.

RFCS partners with other organizations to provide kids supplies to families in need. Some of the programs offered are:

  • Warm Feet Project: Distributes snow boots to kids who need them. Supports families who may otherwise be unable to purchase snow boots. Snowsuits are also available.
  • Back to School Backpacks: Gives out school supplies and backpacks to families who may not otherwise have access to them.
  • Welcome to Newborn Packages: These packages are for new parents and contain information, sample products, and a book all wrapped in a handmade quilt made by dedicated volunteers. The packages are for parents with babies up to one year old.
  • Christmas Food Hampers: Distributes Christmas food hampers to individuals and families in Central and North Frontenac.

For information on all of these programs, including on how to access them, visit the Family Supports page on Rural Frontenac Community Services' website.