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Verona Car Show

Verona's annual car show - production/modified, special interest, foreign vehicles and more.

Event Over 2023

Sep 16

Come and enjoy viewing hundreds of fabulously restored cars! Free admission, canteen, vendors & more! Check Lions website for more details.

Verona Lions Hall — Get Directions 

Discover the Verona Car Show, a legendary annual event celebrating classic cars, community spirit, and giving back. Founded by Ed Asselstine in 1995, the show has evolved over the years, moving from the public school to McMullen Park and eventually to Lion's Park. With each passing year, the event has grown, showcasing hundreds of antique vehicles and contributing tens of thousands of dollars to local charities.

Immerse yourself in a showcase of meticulously restored cars, each bearing a unique story. Feel the excitement as enthusiasts converge to share their passion. Whether you're deeply passionate about antique cars or simply looking for a unique experience, the Verona Car Show offers a glimpse into automotive history and a chance to support local causes.

Don't miss this incredible experience filled with live music, food, and family fun. Join us to celebrate the timeless beauty of vintage automobiles while contributing to our community!