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Elbow Lake Environmental Education Centre




South Frontenac


Perth Road

Community Columns

Elbow Lake Environmental Education Centre is a conservation area near Perth Road.

The ELEEC’s main function is as a biological field station, used for research and undergraduate learning experiences, however there are many opportunities for the general public to enjoy this 426.8 hectare conservation area.

There are over 6km of trails that showcase the distinct biodiversity that can be found in the Frontenac Arch, including rocky ridges, mixed deciduous-coniferous woodlands, and lowland/shoreline wetlands. These trails are accessible to the public, however you must register your intent to visit a day or two before your trip.

Events and workshops are offered by the ELEEC to all. To find these upcoming events, register to use the trails, or for more information, visit the ELEEC’s website at www.elbowlakecentre.ca.


1500 Hewlett-Packard Lane, Perth Road Village